Video: Five Weeks in Australia

Australia; home to kangaroos and Neighbours, koalas and crocodiles, was the second stop on our adventure. We travelled from Melbourne to Byron Bay via Port Douglas stopping in many places along the way including Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane and Townsville.

We fell in love with the city that greeted us; Melbourne; we saw the Great Ocean Road and had a great time on our Neighbours day. We caught trains, flew, cycled, snorkelled, drove, and were driven around and pampered by relatives in Sydney. We took a road trip down the East Coast of Australia starting in the Tropical far north and managed to snorkel the Great Barrier Reefsail the Whitsunday Islands and meet an abundance of Australian animals.

With only five weeks in Australia, we barely scratched the surface but nevertheless enjoyed our time there, and we can’t wait to see more.

Our Five Weeks in Australia in Video

Here’s how our five weeks in Australia went, hope you enjoy…

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8 thoughts on “Video: Five Weeks in Australia

    • Thanks beast, we had so much footage it was difficult to cut it down. I think I’m OK now, thanks.

  1. I agree, great video, gives us a good taste of what’s in store when we eventually get out there. Great filming & editing too! X

  2. The music is so beautiful and great filming..I will always love your travel blogs.Keep continuing your dream
    love always Louisa

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