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A few years ago we wouldn’t have even dreamed we could travel long-term. The most we hoped for was to take a year-long around the world trip before returning to normal life. That was until we started reading travel blogs, particularly those written by long-term independent travellers who’d somehow made travel a permanent part of their lifestyle.

These travel bloggers were our best source of inspiration and practical advice in the years we were planning our trip. So, we wanted to acknowledge some of the best travel blogs that keep us entertained and inspired.

Our Top Travel Blogs


  • Wandering Earl – a travel blogging legend – Earl has been travelling non-stop for over 12 years! His e-book, How to Live a Life of Travel is a must-have for any wannabe travellers.
  • 20 Years Hence – Steph and Tony are a travel blogging couple on an open-ended round the world trip. We love their personal and honest writing style; they’re also super-nice and happy to answer any travel queries.
  • Sarah Somewhere – I recently stumbled across Sarah’s blog and spent the next few hours reading all her old posts back-to-back. Sarah is travelling long-term with her boyfriend and visiting many of the places on our travel list.
  • This Battered Suitcase – written by a solo female traveller called Brenna, this blog is beautifully written and heartfelt – it also features some stunning travel photos.
  • Alex in Wanderland – another solo female traveller who takes amazing pictures and travels full-time. I love Alex’s blog because she writes candidly about the highs and lows of travel, while always making me laugh.
  • Further Bound – Hannah is travelling long-term with her boyfriend through many of the countries we plan on visiting; she is an amazing writer.
  • So Many Places – Kim’s blog is another addictive read; she travels with her partner.
  • Never Ending Voyage – this is one of the first travel blogs we came across. It’s  run by a British couple, Erin and Simon who are full time digital nomads who’ve been juggling working online and travelling the world for years. Their blog looks great and is packed with info – they’ve also helped us out with some of our travel queries.
  • One Road at a Time – Patti and her partner Abi sold their home and moved across America to start up a B&B; they also love to travel the world and Patti blogs about their adventures.
  • GQ Trippin – these guys write a fun, up-beat blog of their travels and have also been really helpful for us in particular by sharing their travel cost and budget information.
  • Nomadic Boys – Stefan and Sebastien set off on their long-term travel adventure in 2014. So far they’ve visited some lesser-travelled destinations such as Mongolia, Nepal and Russia, which makes for some interesting tales on their blog.
  • Adventurous Kate – Kate is a solo female traveller with a really successful blog. She’s travelled extensively in Asia and has definitely had some adventures – including being shipwrecked in Indonesia!
  • My Time Capsule – Debbz is a traveller from Indonesia who publishes mainly picture posts. She takes some amazing shots, particularly of food!
  • Never Ending Footsteps – Lauren’s another travelling Brit who’s been on the road for more than a year, her blog makes for interesting and amusing reading as she regularly gets into a variety of scrapes and difficult situations!
  • Nomadic Matt – if you want to learn how to travel long-term, on a budget, this is the blog for you. Matt has been on the road for years and is one of the best known names in travel blogging – he provides some great travel tips and advice.
  • Curious Nomad – Mig is on an open-ended travel adventure and likes to volunteer his way around the world.
  • Flights & Frustration – one frequent traveller’s stories, tips and travel-related rants.

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