Our Big Fat Travel Adventure https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com One Couple's Incredible Journey Around The World Sun, 16 Dec 2018 15:12:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.0 Our South Africa Wishlist https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/12/13/our-south-africa-wishlist/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/12/13/our-south-africa-wishlist/#comments Thu, 13 Dec 2018 09:28:08 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=18434 We’ve been living in Portugal for less than three months and my thoughts are already turning to travel. Canada, the USA, Japan, there are so many places I’d love to explore. Perhaps top of the list is delving into a continent we’ve barely touched: Africa. What better place to start than with a South Africa wishlist packed with wildlife, cosmopolitan cities and diverse history? Our...

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Travelling in your 30s: Why it’s never too late to take a gap year https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/12/10/why-travelling-in-your-30s-is-great/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/12/10/why-travelling-in-your-30s-is-great/#respond Mon, 10 Dec 2018 12:13:50 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=18451 Once upon a time, gap years were seen as a ‘pre-university’ rite of passage. A year of backpacking on a shoe-string budget through Southeast Asia, fruit picking in Australia, drunken nights and hostel dorm rooms. Or, so I’ve heard, because I never actually took one. It wasn’t until Andrew and I were approaching our 30s that we set off on our own trip and nearly...

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Welcome to our new site! Plus, a life update https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/12/06/welcome-to-our-new-site/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/12/06/welcome-to-our-new-site/#comments Thu, 06 Dec 2018 11:57:00 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=18358 Hello! After weeks of radio silence, we’re finally back with a new site design. What do you think? It’s been a much longer, scarier process than we imagined and there’s still lots more work to do behind the scenes, but we’re pretty happy with the results. While the re-design has been dominating our free time for the last month, I thought I’d also give you...

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Top Thai Celebrations and Festivals https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/11/06/top-thai-celebrations-and-festivals/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/11/06/top-thai-celebrations-and-festivals/#comments Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:34:56 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=17047 Imagine thousands of paper lanterns, lit by flickering candles, floating into the night sky against a full moon. This moving spectacle is the highlight of Thailand’s Yi Peng festival, which we celebrated around this time two years ago. Here’s a look at some more top Thai celebrations, from the famous Songkran water festival to the Full Moon Party and Loy Krathong.

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10 essential travel items we never leave home without https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/10/29/10-essential-travel-items-we-never-leave-home-without/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/10/29/10-essential-travel-items-we-never-leave-home-without/#comments Mon, 29 Oct 2018 13:32:48 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=17015 After nearly six years of travel, we’ve got packing down to a fine art. Whether we’re backpacking through Asia or road tripping in the USA, there are some travel items we’ve discovered we can’t live without on the road. From insurance to Kindles and Earl Grey tea bags, here are 10 essential travel items we never leave home without.

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A New Life and Apartment in the Algarve https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/10/21/a-new-life-and-apartment-in-the-algarve/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/10/21/a-new-life-and-apartment-in-the-algarve/#comments Sun, 21 Oct 2018 09:34:42 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=16827 We made it to Portugal! Ever since we got here last week the sun has been shining in a flawless, cloud-free blue sky. After three days of non-stop driving, an Airbnb bug scare and a fraud alert on our bank account, we’ve finally moved into a beautiful home and Andrew has started work. So, want a peek into our new life and apartment in the Algarve?

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How much does a trip to Peru cost? https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/10/20/how-much-does-a-trip-to-peru-cost/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/10/20/how-much-does-a-trip-to-peru-cost/#comments Sat, 20 Oct 2018 13:37:02 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=16964 Peru is a treasure trove of iconic Incan sites, stunning nature and historical cities. We spent 51 nights there in spring 2018, travelling from Lima to Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Arequipa and Ica. So, how much does a trip to Peru cost? Here’s a look at how we managed to travel Peru on a budget, including break downs of our accommodation, food, transport and activity...

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Our Incredible Road Trip Around California https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/10/07/our-incredible-road-trip-around-california/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/10/07/our-incredible-road-trip-around-california/#comments Sun, 07 Oct 2018 09:40:38 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=16815 Picture golden-sand beaches, sunshine, cinematic cities, cowboy towns and national parks filled with the world’s tallest trees. Our summer road trip around California was my favourite travel experience of 2018. We drove from LA with stops along the coast to San Francisco, then to Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, ending in San Diego. I don’t know whether it was the sense of freedom...

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Our Adventure Yoga Retreat Scotland https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/09/21/our-adventure-yoga-retreat-scotland/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/09/21/our-adventure-yoga-retreat-scotland/#comments Fri, 21 Sep 2018 15:05:58 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=16658 Early morning sunlight filtered through the trees as we gently stretched. It was the final day of our yoga retreat Scotland at ACE Adventures and the week had been filled with quiet moments like this. There had been campfires on the beach, river walks and evening meditation sessions, all contrasted with a day of adrenaline-pumping white water rafting. The ACE Adventure yoga retreat Scotland The...

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We’re moving to the Algarve! https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/09/06/were-moving-to-the-algarve-portugal/ https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/2018/09/06/were-moving-to-the-algarve-portugal/#comments Thu, 06 Sep 2018 11:09:37 +0000 https://www.ourbigfattraveladventure.com/?p=16609 Hello from London, where we’re housesitting for a couple of weeks before we start the next chapter of our adventure: we’re moving to the Algarve! After a hectic year of travel in the Americas, our plan was always to move to Portugal in the autumn, but we had our sights firmly set on Porto until Andrew was offered a great teaching job in the Algarve....

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