New Zealand

This was the first stop on our travel adventure; we landed in Auckland after a gruelling 24 hours in the air, then picked up our car to spend a month in this beautiful country. Some of the highlights of our New Zealand trip include a Rock Boat cruise of the Bay of Islands, Skydiving over Abel Tasman and trekking over an active volcano. Check out all our New Zealand travel stories, videos, pictures and tips below.

View of Golden Bay, New Zealand

7 thoughts on “New Zealand

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  2. Hey guys,great blog!Me and my partner are currently doing the same thing so its interesting to see your adventure and relate to it!Were about to head to New Zealand on Wednesday, and can’t wait now after reading your blog and looking at your pictures.
    Keep up the good work and i look forward to your future blogs! Tom

    • Hey Tom, thanks for your comment. We loved New Zealand, it was the best place to start our adventure, and we would love to go back there sometime (maybe when it doesn’t cost so much). Hope you two have a great time! 🙂

  3. Dear Amy and Andrew , My son Michael along with his girlfriend has gone to the North island to visit family and do some sight seeing The been sending me photos of various place that look beautiful All his friends couldn’t understand why they would visit the North island , when they should visit the South Island because it is bigger better Ifpeople keep doing that then they will end up being disappointed I think that Northland is so underrated as it has active volcanoes, hot mud pools and ofcourse the Maori culture . There is enough to see and do there and the natural beauty is different to the Southland Do you agree?

    • Hi Louisa, yes, we loved the North Island and saw some incredible sights there. I do wish we’d had more time to explore the South Island, but hopefully next time! Both Islands are beautiful in their own right and we still dream about revisiting New Zealand – such a beautiful place!

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