Indonesia was the first stop on the South East Asia leg of our trip and it turned out to be a tough learning curve for us. We travelled through Java, Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands during our six week trip to Indonesia and learnt a lot along the way. Find out more about our journey through Indonesia by checking out our stories, tips, videos and pictures below.

Rice paddies, Bali, Indonesia

14 thoughts on “Indonesia

  1. Thanks for posting your travel blog. I was interested to read about your adventures in the monkey forest, Ubud. I visited here in 1997, and I can’t remember the monkeys being quite so aggressive. I am planning on returning maybe next year with teenage children and visiting the monkey forest… What time of year were you in Ubud please as you say it rained everyday? Glad you enjoyed NZ! (I am a kiwi.) Best wishes for the rest of your travels.

    • Hi Lee, thanks for commenting, it’s interesting to hear that the monkeys used to be less aggressive. We were in Indonesia from 10th May till the 19th June and it did rain daily when we were in Ubud; it wasn’t quite so bad in Lombok or the Gili Islands though. Have a great trip to Indonesia and be careful not to take anything into the Monkey Forest with you to be on the safe side. P.S: we absolutely loved NZ and can’t wait to go back there someday – you come from a beautiful country!

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