We started our South American travels in Colombia, a country filled with noise and colour, sprawling cities and astounding natural beauty. Bordered by the Caribbean Sea, Colombia is home to parts of the Amazon rainforest and the Andes Mountain range as well as the ruins of ancient cities and colonial port towns. With a 90-day visa, we had plenty of time to explore the country’s diverse treasures.Our Colombian adventures include spending a week in colourful Cartagena, a colonial port town on the Caribbean coast steeped in history.

Further along the north east coast, we journeying up to Minca in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This peaceful town nestled in forested peaks was one of our favourite places, with spectacular birds, trekking, waterfalls and cacao and coffee farms. We also spent a month in Medellin, the country’s second-largest city, we also had time to visit the capital city, Bogota, and explore Popayan.

Colombia travel blogs and guides

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The view over the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta from Casa Elemento