We spent five weeks in Australia exploring the bustling cities of Melbourne and Sydney and taking a three-week road trip down the East Coast. We had some amazing adventures including sailing the Whitsundays and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef; here are all of our Australia travel stories, pictures, videos and tips.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

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  2. When it comes to travelling the great ocean road,some people are a bit disappointed and i think it is because when you are driving ,you can only mainly see the ocean and you don’t realise what you are driving against.If you flew over the great ocean road ,starting from Torquay to Warnabool ,you will see the Great Ocean road in a different perspective.You will see how vast it really is .From rainforest to mount like ruggard scenery ,to remote beaches,in which you can only get there by foot or boat and then ofcourse The 12 Appostles.Please go on Tou tube and type in Flying The Great Ocean Road 5 October2014-The bucket list flight.I never realised how natural it looked ,until i watched this video.I hope you all will think the same

    • I agree that there is only so much you can see from the ground Louisa but sadly our budget didn’t really allow us to take a scenic flight over the Great Ocean Road. If we head back there at any point then we’ll certainly consider it. 🙂

  3. I am always making mistakes when typing.Maybe I need Andrew who is a teacher ,to teach me how to write
    regards Louisa

    • It’s so easy to make typos, although I was the teacher in the UK, we both teach English at the moment in Vietnam. 🙂

      • Keep up the great work ,helping these lovelly children.My sons girlfriend is vietnamese and is like a beautiful doll.I hope you get to do a wonderful scenic flight in Vietnam .Atleast it will be affordable there.Best of luck to you and Amy.

  4. i haven’t been anywhere lately because of a bad set back but yesterday was a beautiful sunny winters day and me my husband and daughter went to Bundeena which is the gate way to the Royal national park and did a bush walk to what we call the White Rock or Wedding cake rock .It takes around one hour to walk to this sight The rock sits against the edge of a cliff .It is made of wite sandstone and looks like a cake that has been sliced.You walk through heath which are bush plants and some were in flower.In spring time you will see more plants in bloom.I saw red white and golden native flowers .When then came across a couple of viewing points, where we saw nice rock formations ,cliff and sea.further along we went through heth again dodging mud and water.It had rained a few days before .It was fun.The hardest part was walking down all those steps to get to the lower level.When we arrived at the wedding cake rock i saw fencing across the rock.It ws recently found that the rock was becomming fragile and can colapse .So a platform is going to built for one’s safety.What a shame ,so we decided to continue the track and it was so worth it .the view was stunning with a stretch of cliff with beautiful green vegitation ,sand dunes ,Marley beach and little Marley beach.So quite and so beautiful.if we wanted to we could have continued the walk to Woolongong ,but had no time Even though i was let down about the fencing at Wedding Cake Rock It made us adventure more to even a more spectacular spot.If you start your walk from Bundeena’s end ,it won’t cost you anything. from Bundeena to Wedding cake rock,it takes you an hour there then an hour back.We also saw an Echidna,Kookobara ,white Cockadoo and some wales in the distant.It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Liverpool ,a suburb of Sydney to Bundeenai hope this is a help to those who are visiting Australia.The Royal National Park is the worlds second oldest National park Garie beach ,Wattamulla,are some other scenic beaches at the Royal National Park.Best of luck

  5. I spent a couple of days at Kosciuszko National Park ,with my husband and son .i didn’t have high expectations of it as the highest mountain is Mount kosciuszko at an altitude of 2228m above sea level We went to Thredbo and hiked up Mount Kosciuzko We didn’t do the whole walk as i wasn’t well .We took the chair lift up to a certain point and then walked on a board walk .I saw rock formations ,grassy areas ,with wild flowers and views of the forested mountain ranges surroundind Mount kosciuzsko.The walk is easy enough to do and took us nearly 2 hours to reach the summit.The surrounding mountains were big enough .The whole national park is really pretty in summer time .You can do easy walks to more harder walk The drives through the national park are really scenic and you can even go over the boarder to victoria and visit Apline National Park and Snowy River National took us five hours from Sydney to Thredbo,regards louisa

    • Sounds amazing Louisa. Andrew’s parents are actually planning a retirement road trip to Australia for 2018, so I will pass them some of your suggestions. They’re trying to do some trip planning now and are looking for beautiful, lesser-visited places like this. Thanks for the recommendation!

      • Tell Andrew’s parents to look up on internet National parks and wild life maps fpr each state and click on each national park and then it will tell you all about the national park .love always louisa

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