Our electronics for our South America Trip

Our South America trip begins! Visas, vaccines, insurance and packing list

Tomorrow we set off for Colombia! We’ve been talking about this South America trip for so many years that it’s taken on a surreal, dream-like quality for me. Now it’s a tangible thing. This time tomorrow we’ll be zooming across the sky to the other side of the world. Here’s a look at how we’ve prepared for this adventure, from buying a new camera to organising insurance, researching visas and compiling our packing list. Continue reading

Packing essentials for our USA roadtrip

Travel Packing List for the USA

I woke up this morning in a bit of a panic. This was brought on by the realisation that we have just five days left in the UK before we fly to New York. I started this summer with lists of plans and projects to tackle, I had articles and e-books to write, research to undertake for our move to Europe after Christmas and of course, things to organise for our fast-approaching trip to the US. Have I managed to tick even half those projects off my task list? Not even close, but we have had some amazing catch-up time with family and friends, so it’s definitely been a summer well spent. Continue reading

Travel Electronics

Changes to our Travel Packing List

It’s been over seven months now since Andrew and I first packed our backpacks and set off on the road. Before we left we spent hours researching and preparing our round the world packing list based on the recommendations of other travellers. However, during our first six months on the road this list has changed quite a bit; while some things broke or got lost we added new items and got rid of stuff we didn’t need as we adjusted to long-term travel. We thought it might be interesting to share  how our packing list has evolved over the first seven months of our trip; perhaps it’ll even help new travellers decide what to take with them. Continue reading

Andrew working away

We Spent a Cool 3,000,000 on a New Laptop!

That’s right, it’s not a typo, but since we bought our new laptop in Indonesia, it was IDR 3,000,000 which is roughly £200. Before we started this trip we spent a long time deciding on which travel laptop to get. Eventually we settled on the Acer Aspire V5-171; at 11.6” – it’s a neat little machine that can cope with pretty much everything we throw at it. So why do we need a new laptop? Continue reading