Alyson and the boys in Romania

Life in Romania – Digital Nomad Destinations

Lisbon, Ljubljana, Tallinn, Berlin… This month our heads are spinning with potential digital nomad destinations in Europe as we try to choose the perfect base to work from this autumn. With that in mind, this week we met up with our friend Alyson from World Travel Family, who was our Airbnb host at the very start of our 2013 trip in Port Douglas, Australia. At the time, Alyson was getting ready to travel the world with her husband and two boys and now runs hugely successful travel and homeschool blogs while exploring from a new base: Romania. So, what’s life in Romania like and how does the country shape up as a digital nomad destination? Continue reading

Us by the River in Prague

Our Eastern Europe Travel Costs

This summer we got our first taste of travel in Eastern Europe. Although we barely scratched the surface of the region during the eight-week trip, we crammed as much culture, history and delicious food into our adventure as we could. Our journey took us through UNESCO towns and turquoise seas in Croatia to sedate Slovakia and the heaving capital cities of Budapest and Prague. So, how much did our Eastern Europe trip cost us? Continue reading

Danum Valley Field Centre

Returning to Explore Malaysia

Despite having spent over two years in South-East Asia, I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of many countries in the region, especially Malaysia. We spent just three weeks in the country back in 2013 and most of that trip was spent watching wildlife in Malaysian Borneo rather than exploring the mainland. Now that we’re returning to Thailand to live, we’re hoping to explore Malaysia and its treasures in more depth on a return visit and visa run. Continue reading

The Parthenon on the Acropolis, Athens

Top Places to Visit on a Trip to Greece

Greece is one of the most popular holiday haunts for Europeans and is among the top 20 tourist destinations in the world. Famous for its olive groves, scorching summer temperatures, perfect beaches and historical ruins, it’s not hard to see why Greece proves to be such a draw. I have vivid memories of sun-kissed teenage holidays on the Greek islands and would love to visit Greece again one day to explore more of this cultural and historical hub. Continue reading

Our Jigsaw Condominium 2 Apartment

Creating a blog in five easy steps

If one of your goals is creating a blog of your own then this post is for you. It’s been over three years since we launched this blog and although it’s required a lot of hard work and commitment, we can’t imagine life without it. Travel blogging has allowed us to create a vivid record of our journey, connect with many other travellers, indulge Amy’s love of writing and hopefully inspire readers. Perhaps you’re now wondering, how do I start a blog? Well, follow these five easy steps and you can’t go wrong. Continue reading

Borobudur Temple, Java Indonesia

Travel Flashback: Yogyakarta Indonesia

Unbelievably, it’s been three years since we touched down in our first Asian country: Indonesia. Although we went on to spend over two years travelling and living in South-East Asia, I’ll never forget the strangeness and excitement of that first week in Java. I remember the intensity of the sounds and smells; the beeping throngs of traffic, the humid wall of heat, the spicy food, ornate temples, smoking sticks of incense and huge spiders. Continue reading

St Paul's Cathedral, London

Living Costs in London Compared with Chiang Mai

Where were you this time last year? We were in Thailand, relaxing by the river Kwai in Kanchanaburi whilst preparing for our trip to Burma. I’ve written many times about our love for the Land of Smiles and now that the weather has turned cold and wet here in Hanoi I often fantasise about heading back to the warmth of one of our favourite Asian cities: Chiang Mai. We have fond memories of this northern Thai oasis; volunteering at the nearby Elephant Nature Park, hanging out with visiting friends and family and celebrating the New Year’s water festival, Songkran.

Continue reading