Departure Day

It’s finally arrived – after years of planning today is the day we jet off to New Zealand and begin our new life of travel.

Since leaving London a couple of weeks ago we’ve been on a whirlwind tour of the UK to visit family and friends, many of whom we won’t see again for quite some time. We spent an eventful weekend in Derby with all Andrew’s family which involved hot-tubs in the snow, a highly amusing murder mystery evening, obscene amounts of food and drink and the most amazing leaving cake I’ve ever seen.

Our travel cake

Andrew's family in Derby

While Andrew hung out with family and friends in Wales and took the last opportunity to ride his beloved bike before selling it, I caught up with my family and my freelance work. I also took the train down to see my friend Kelly and her son Ben who will no doubt be all grown up the next time I see him. We also stopped in one of our favourite places in the UK, our University city Bristol to say a final farewell to friends.

Amy's family farewell

Goodbye UK!

So how do we feel on this momentous day? Right now, I feel surprisingly numb – we’ve been focusing non-stop on getting all our travel planning tasks finished, packing and preparing for our trip, so we haven’t had time to really think about what we’re doing. It still doesn’t feel real; each goodbye, every last meeting doesn’t feel final. I don’t think the gravity of what we’re doing will actually hit us until we get to New Zealand.

Last night I dreamt about the Amazing Race and catching connecting flights, I woke up in the darkness, panicking about the hour lay-over we have in Seoul and whether we’ll make the connection. We’re not looking forward to the final goodbyes at the airport or the 22 hour journey we’re about to take to the other side of the world – but we know it’ll be worth it.

The next time you hear from us, we’ll be in New Zealand – let the adventure begin!

Leaving to travel the world


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25 thoughts on “Departure Day

  1. The goodbyes will be hard, but once the plane takes off you’ll be fine! Have a safe journey, and I know you’ll really enjoy New zealand. Give our love to Matt Jane and the girls when you see them! Happy travelling to you both. Chris.

    • Thanks Chris, we just want to get on the plane and go now! Thanks for your kind wishes and we’ll be sure to pass your love on to Matt and family – we are looking forward to meeting them.

    • Thanks Steph, we obviously can’t wait and really want to get there. It seemed sometimes that we’d never get to this point but finally it’s arrived!

  2. Bon voyage!!! Cannot wait to read about the real adventure starting now. After all that saving and planning, enjoy every moment, you guys deserve it! When I moved to Oz from the UK, the gravity of it all hit me on the second leg of the journey when I suddenly realized “wow, this is really, really far away!”. The sadness of leaving then changed to excitement, it’s the most amazing feeling!

    • Thanks so much Charlie. We are sat in departures now having just said goodbye to our families; I’m relieved that the goodbyes are over and we are almost on our way.

  3. Your lives will never again be the same and isn’t that an awesome thing?! What a gift you’ve given yourselves! Safe travels and I look forward to following this new chapter in your lives! Bon Voyage!
    Patti recently posted..Spring Fever ~My Profile

    • You’re right Patti – our lives won’t ever be the same again and I really feel that hitting home now. Thanks for all your support x

    • Thanks Curious Nomad! We are excited to share our travels and adventures with everyone and hope to hear about your own soon.

  4. Missing you already, hope the goodbyes weren’t as traumatic as you had imagined. Feeling sad but looking forward to meeting up with you in Thailand in August. Much love to both of you, take care and have a wonderful time. XX

    • No they weren’t too bad beast, thanks for everything and I can’t wait for you both to come out and see us. I am feeling sad and will miss you all but I know this is the right thing to do. I will speak to you soon x

  5. By the time you read this you will obviously have landed in New Zealand. We were surprised (and quite glad) that the goodbyes were not as emotional as we expected and we know once there all you want to do is get going. Reading the messages was more emotional than saying goodbye. We all enjoyed our weekend in Derbyshire & the cake was fabulous! Have a wonderful time, can’t wait to hear all about it and see lots of photos (we might even get a facebook account). Looking forward to our trip to Thailand and meeting up with you in October. Lots of love to you both xx

    • Thanks mum, I’m surprised you all held it together so well 😉 Don’t know what Amy was so worried about! Hurry up with that facebook account too, you can keep tabs on the rest of us that way too!

    • Thanks Jemma, it was a shame to eat that cake! So far we are absolutely loving New Zealand and we’re only on day four – I’m starting to wish we were here for more than just a month now.

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