Muesli, Fruit & Yoghurt from Da's Bakery, Chiang Mai

Our Favourite Chiang Mai Restaurants and Eateries

One of the things we love most about Chiang Mai is all the delicious food that’s on offer. There are literally thousands of restaurants in Chiang Mai as well as cafes, pubs and bakeries; not to mention the night markets and street food. What’s more, the city caters to all kinds of diets with restaurants specialising in vegetarian, vegan, raw or gluten-free food. As a vegetarian I always eat incredibly well here, even though I’m a picky eater and don’t particularly enjoy Asian food. Continue reading

Our trekking guide from Sapa O'Chau

Sapa in Summer

Now that the summer weather is kicking in the temperature regularly exceeds 40 degrees in Hanoi. Within seconds of venturing outside the sun scolds your bare skin and wading through the thick, soupy air exhausts you in a matter of minutes. We were keen to escape the city heat and spend some of our final days in Vietnam up in the cool of the mountains in Sapa. Continue reading

Paradise Cave, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

A Caving Adventure in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

During our travels we’ve seen some incredible caves. We’ve floated through dark, blue-white glowworm studded caves in New Zealand, explored underground cities where people sheltered from war-time bombs in Laos and had an unforgettable caving experience in The Philippines which involved wading through waist-high water and squeezing through tiny gaps by the light of a gas lantern. Continue reading


A Weekend in Mai Chau

Our time in Vietnam is drawing to a close; we have just two and a half weeks left in the country and  it feels like time is speeding up. This is our last week of teaching and we’re struggling to fit in all the last-minute tasks we need to complete; packing up our apartment, sorting out finances, planning for the weeks ahead and saying our goodbyes. We’re also trying to squeeze in trips to places we haven’t had time to visit over the hectic school year; this past weekend we finally made it to the stunning country getaway, Mai Chau. Continue reading

Our Rental Car in New Zealand

Our Plans for a European Road Trip

After finally completing the school year in Vietnam we are itching to dive into the excitement and trepidation of travel again; of new places, plans and ideas. In fact, we’ve plunged straight in, fleeing Hanoi by night train on the very day we completed our final classes and now we look forward to months of new adventures. There will be a huge difference in the next stage of our journey though, we’re saying goodbye to the often hellish bus and train trips we’ve been used to in Asia and travelling by rental car through America and Europe instead. Continue reading

A boat floating down the river in Tam Coc

Time to Leave – Tam Coc and our Motorbike Crash

We’d been sat on the bus for an hour, yet we still hadn’t left the station. The sun was heating up the inside of the vehicle in sync with my rising temper and the beat of the awful music blasting us at full volume. We’d been waiting months for this holiday, this precious escape from the city into the countryside, and we couldn’t even make it out of the bus station in Hanoi. Continue reading

Vietnamese Student

How Much Money Can you Earn from Teaching in Vietnam?

We’ve spent the last few weeks trying to transfer the bulk of our hard-earned teaching dollars safely back to the UK. After four trips to Vietcom bank, multiple phone calls to our English bank and the help of a Vietnamese colleague to translate, we heaved a huge sigh of relief when the money finally landed in our account. That is, until we saw that we’d lost £300 in the hefty exchange rate. Oh, and we still have another instalment to transfer next month but hey, we’re halfway there! Continue reading