Andrew and I in Split, Croatia

Settling in Split

These days small, ordinary things count as luxuries. Things like being able to sit down at a proper table everyday to write and having a kettle and four different types of tea within touching distance. This is where I’m sitting now, in our apartment in Split. Here the kitchen cupboards are stocked with food, we sleep in the same bed every night, watch TV programmes on our comfy sofa and have a washing machine at our complete disposal. For me, these temporary home comforts have become as wonderful as the moment we step off a plane in a brand new country – well, almost. Continue reading

View of Dubrovnik from Fort Lovrijenac

Rediscovering the Joys of Travel and Visiting Dubrovnik

On our first evening in Croatia I stopped to watch the sun from our balcony, and as it sunk towards the black mountains on the horizon, I tried to remember the last time I’d paused to watch this everyday ritual. For me, sunsets and sunrises are entwined with travel. In my ‘ordinary’ life back in the UK I rarely took notice of the sun’s daily rounds, it was travel that made me stop and look properly at the world, inspired me to hike up hills or seek out special spots to witness this simple beauty. Continue reading

Spanish countryside

On Leaving Spain and Searching for Adventure

As the children piled onto their bus we heaved a huge sigh of relief. Our last English camp was over, work was finished and we were free again. Minutes later we were speeding away from the tiny Spanish village into the countryside, towards a fresh adventure in a brand new country. As I watched the sun beat steadily down on the passing fields of red poppies, I hoped that the next chapter of our travels would be less turbulent than this one. Continue reading

Madrid's beautiful Plaza Mayor

The Highs and Lows of Visiting Madrid

Our relationship with Madrid has been a rocky one. After falling in love with Barcelona, we had high hopes for the Spanish Capital and intended to establish a new life there. Unfortunately, these aspirations crumbled and we ended up spending one of the darkest periods of our travels in Madrid. However, since moving away to Toledo we’ve managed to get some perspective and see the city with new eyes – here’s are our highs and lows of visiting Madrid. Continue reading

Making Koala masks at English camp in Spain

Our Experience of Working in English Camps in Spain

Looking for a quick, easy and flexible way to earn money in Spain? Then working in English camps could be the answer. In April and May this year Andrew and I signed up to work in English language immersion camps just outside of Madrid; here’s the lowdown on what our experience was like, how we found our jobs and how much money we earned. Continue reading

Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona

Spain Travel Costs

Our first six weeks in Spain were spent road-tripping around the country, exploring the countryside, metropolises and beaches in the north as well as house sitting in Alicante, enjoying a week-long stay in our favourite Spanish destination, Barcelona, and exploring the capital city, Madrid. From food and entertainment prices to car hire costs and accommodation rates, here are our Spain travel costs for six weeks. Continue reading

Us on White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

5 Reasons why we’re Returning to Asia

When we left to travel the world, I never imagined we’d spend the first two years of our trip in Asia. After all, there are plenty more continents to explore, right? We became addicted to Asia though and spent months backpacking in the region before settling in Vietnam to teach. When we finally flew back to London last June, ready for new adventures in the USA and Europe, I certainly didn’t think we’d be returning to Asia anytime soon.  So, why are we flying back to Thailand in August? Continue reading

Danum Valley Field Centre

Returning to Explore Malaysia

Despite having spent over two years in South-East Asia, I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of many countries in the region, especially Malaysia. We spent just three weeks in the country back in 2013 and most of that trip was spent watching wildlife in Malaysian Borneo rather than exploring the mainland. Now that we’re returning to Thailand to live, we’re hoping to explore Malaysia and its treasures in more depth on a return visit and visa run. Continue reading