Ocean Beach, Maine

Maine Highlights

Maine: the Way Life Should be, proclaims the state slogan, which greets us as we drive over the border into this wild, beautiful land. Cars all around us bear the former slogan, Vacationland, on their licence plates and before too long we realise the truth of both these statements. In summer, crowds flock to Maine searching for quaint seaside towns, unspoilt beaches, well-preserved national parks and miles of rugged forest. Although we visited in Autumn, Maine’s beauty still struck us hard – here are the highlights from our time there. Continue reading

A Native Gnome at Jamaica National Park

“Now that’s the way to take a vacation….”

You’re here for three months?” a guy from Maine asked us, “Now that’s the way to take a vacation!” For cost and visa issues, we limited our US trip to three months;  compared to the two years we’ve just spent in Asia, those three months sounded very short, but travelling here in the US has made me feel incredibly grateful for this trip and the lifestyle we’ve carved for ourselves. Continue reading

Halloween pumpkins in Portland

Halloween in America – Salem, Stephen King, haunted houses and ghost tours

Oh, yeah, this is supposedly one of the most haunted houses in Maine,” our Airbnb host told us, “It used to be a brothel, funeral parlour, and doctor’s room…I’ve had paranormal groups here investigating.” Andrew and I exchanged wary looks, trying to figure out whether our host was just messing with us or whether he really believed the house was haunted. Either way, as we listened to his tales of heavy footsteps in the halls, voices coming from the billiard room at night and a boy ghost trying to play with his dog, I knew the images popping into my head were going to keep me awake that night. Continue reading

Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine

The things we love about New England

Unbelievably, we’ve been in New England for nearly two months now; the time has flown by in a whirl of scenic drives, golden foliage, forest walks and pancake breakfasts. This week finds us in Portland, Maine, facing the tail-end of our journey in this incredible corner of the country. Although we’ll be moving on to other parts of the US in a week or so, my heart still breaks a little at the thought of leaving. With that in mind, here are some of the things we’ve loved about New England. Continue reading

View of Sand Beach from the Beehive Summit

Hiking in Acadia National Park

As we’ve discovered, Maine is a beast like no other. The biggest of all the New England states, (Maine is the same size as all the others combined), there are vast areas in the North which are extremely rugged and barely accessible during winter months, populated only with wildlife and hunters. After Bangor, the furthest north we ventured in Maine was to see the beautifully-preserved coastal haven of Acadia National Park. Continue reading

Vermont road and fall foliage

Finding Fall in Vermont

In Vermont I felt like I was living through one long leafy dream where we drove endlessly down roads carved through forest and the trees around us transformed to shades of copper, bronze and citrus; peach, plum and rust. The days floated by prettily like the leaves fluttering from the trees and I knew that I was living through moments I would crave to have back in the future. In Vermont we’d finally found the autumn we’d been searching for and I didn’t want to leave. Continue reading

People enjoying Providence's WaterFire Festival

The Providence WaterFire Festival

The night was full of autumn; frosty dark air, the taste of hot apple cider and the smell of wood smoke. Our boat cut a smooth path down the river while the orange heat of bonfires blazing on the water’s surface warmed our noses. I like to think of myself as an expert planner, but sometimes the best travel experiences turn out to be totally unexpected, like the Providence WaterFire Festival. Continue reading